Residential Summer Maintenance

New Package Structure

In order to guarantee optimum results from the services that we provide, we have restructured our service tiers.

A 10% discount is available by pre-paying for the entire season’s worth of lawn services prior to commencement of the services.

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First and foremost, we will only be providing summer services to customers who have irrigation systems.  We do not need to be the ones servicing your irrigation system (although we’d love to), but you do need to have one.  If all you’re looking for is irrigation service, there are no other requirements.

If you'd like more information on our irrigation packages and to purchase them online, click here.

Weed & Feed Program

Our next service tier adds a fertilizing package.  Again, we do not have to provide this service, but someone must be doing it for you and we’d love to be the ones doing it.

We offer a Standard and a Deluxe package.  The Standard package includes 5 applications: a pre-emergent fertilizer, 2 more applications of regular fertilizer, and 2 applications of weed control.  The Deluxe package includes 6 applications: all of the applications from the Standard package as well as a winterizer fertilizer application.

Pricing is based on the square footage of your lawn starting as low as $202.50.  Please fill out the form to the right for a quote.

Weed & Feed
Weekly Mowing
Bed Maintenance
Shrub Pruning
Power Edging
Spring Cleanup
Fall Cleanup

Lawn Maintenance

If you’d like us to provide mowing services, you must have both an irrigation system and a fertilizer program.  We are no longer offering cuts every other week; if you want to sign up for mowing services, you will be mowed every week.  We also offer vacation cuts, but only if you are using us for both your irrigation and fertilization packages.

Pricing is based on the square footage of your lawn starting at $100 per month.  Please fill out the form to the right for a quote.

Other Lawn Services

Once you have signed up for weekly mowing, you are eligible to sign up for any of our other summer services.

  • Bed Maintenance Package - Weed pulling in landscaping beds 10 times throughout the summer (approximately every other week) - starting at $25 per visit
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Power Edging
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Fall Cleanup


Protect Your Backflow
As colder weather hits, it is important to cover your backflow if your system hasn't been winterized yet.
Click here for instructions

Winter is just around the corner so don't forget to sign up for your residential snowplow package.

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