Irrigation Blowouts

We are approaching that time of year when your irrigation system will need to be prepared for the approaching cold weather. Getting your irrigation system blown out every year is very important to make sure that your system is not damaged by water freezing inside the lines.

For $75.00 we will blowout any residential system up to 12 zones.  Systems larger than 12 zones will be charged $10.00 per additional zone.  Pump removal for systems pumping out of a lake/river/pond will be charged on a time and material basis with a half hour minimum billed after the service is performed.

REMINDER: If you sign up by August 27th, not only will you save 10% off the normal price of $75, you will also ensure that your home is included in the first round of scheduling!

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PLEASE NOTE: If A+ Outdoor Services, Inc. does not perform the maintenance on your irrigation system, any warranty may become null and void due to liability factors.

 Protect your Backflow

When colder overnight temperatures arrive, we recommend covering your backflow (and the above ground pipes connected to it) with a heavy blanket to keep it insulated any time the weather is expected to get below freezing if your system has not been blown out yet.


If you are unsure what the backflow is, see the picture above. The pipes attached to it could be copper, PVC (hard white plastic), or poly (softer black plastic). The backflow will be located somewhere on the outside of your house, often (but not always) near where phone, cable, and gas come into the house or near the dryer vent or air conditioner.


Protect Your Backflow
As colder weather hits, it is important to cover your backflow if your system hasn't been winterized yet.
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Winter is just around the corner so don't forget to sign up for your residential snowplow package.

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